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Yurz, Unprofessional Service at its Worst

Yurz is all about getting you in the door. After you sign up with them and pay them to do the work, they are unresponsive and don’t get anything done. I hired them to fix a website and bring in more customer service through social media. They had access to all my business’s accounts and sites. I was promised a customized website and a significant exposure.

I asked them for an update a month after we signed with them on the website and a list of the statistics for traffic driven to our Social pages. I figured that was plenty of time to have made significant progress.
They did not get back to me for two days, then told me that they still had a lot of work to do and would get back to me in another week.

After that, I did not hear from them. My website was still under construction, there was nothing that had changed. My social media sites had maybe 10 more followers total. I spent thousands of dollars for them to do the work that was not getting done.

I am going to have to hire someone else. These are the most unprofessional people that I have ever worked with.

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Dr. Christopher C. Babbit, Fake assistant

Dr. Christopher C. Babbit, Fake assistant


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