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Yancey Events, Yancey SCAM

The Yancey’s do not even give their presentations, but the people that they have working for them are just as deceiving as they are. I went to a free seminar out of curiosity. I am an experienced realtor and I wanted to see what they had to offer. My first thought was I cannot believe that they are getting away with this. There is not any pertinent information given at the free seminar. It is all just a sales pitch to pay $2,000 to go to another 3 day seminar(which is also a waste) They lead people on, making them believe that if they pay a little more, they are going to get the secret to success. No secret here. It is merely a scam. You should be spending your money on an actual investment of a house not their “education and training, that is absolutely useless. Everything they teach you can google and they are not investing your money, they are putting in their own pockets. It is so frustrating that people fall for this bull.

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She goes by Missbronwyn26, but I do not know what her real name is

Bolin Estates, Bolin Estates is Selling Damaged Homes

Bolin Estates, Bolin Estates is Selling Damaged Homes

Tried to sell me a house as an estate that deserved to be a dump

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