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World Jewish Congress

The American Jewish Mafia Communist State Is Complete

The American Jewish Mafia Communist State Is Complete

Now that uber dumbass and clinically senile President Joseph Biden has appointed nearly every pivotal U.S. government position to be occupied by militant, extremist, criminal, ravenous, hardcore Zionist Jews, the United States has officially been transformed into an Jewish Mafia Communist State.

The head of the CIA is William Burns, the head of DHS is Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of the U.S. Department of State is Antony Blinken, Foreign Service is Victoria Nuland Kagan, and so much more.

Biden even appointed sexual deviant, cross-dresser, and trans sexual Richard (Rachel) Levine as the United States’ Chief of the Department of “Health and Human Services.”

To say that this country is FUBAR is a total understatement, and we may never recover again.

In addition, Joseph Biden’s appointed criminal gangster Jews, now that they are in official positions of power, are top-down ordering the surveillance, entrapment, murder, incarceration, harassment, online defamation, business interference, banking and credit card services termination, gang stalking, cyber stalking, cyber harassment, domestic disruption, and other criminal acts designed to kill off any and all of their perceived enemies towards Jewish global domination.

The last time they did this was after the 1917 Communist takeover of Russia to form the former Soviet Union, which resulted in 100 million white Christians murdered and killed off who represented any type of “threat” to the “state” (i.e., Jews).

These “enemies,” include, but are not limited to, (1) white Christian males (the females they like to use for abusive deviant submissive sex as revenge against white Christian men), (2) blacks (especially within government or organized crime) that don’t kiss their ring and serve them and carry out their instructions 100%, (3) racial, religious and ethnic minorities that openly espouse and believe in Christian or conservative philosophy (being against for example, abortion on demand even up to and past 9 months of gestation, militant extreme homosexuality, pedophilia, child sex trafficking, child pornography, and other criminality long since established as Jewish religious law).

There is quite literally, no one to stop these Jews that have now fully occupied the United States government’s top government positions, and they are working feverishly every single day to make sure that their imprint remains and becomes PERMANENT, no matter what government comes after them, or who succeeds them.

Unfortunately, because 99% of Americans do not agree with their domestic and foreign policy decisions, this means, more than likely, either (1) a merger with Klaus Schwab’s New World Order per the “Great Reset,” or (2) the purposeful self-destructive implosion of the U.S. economy, border integrity, purposefully skyrocketing crime rate, out of control inflation (a dozen eggs used to be $2.99 now its $12.00), all calculated to usher in a world Communist state, with the Jews on top.

This is exactly why Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, guided by the Christian Church led by Patriarch Kirill fights the West and NATO, long since dominated and locked down by the trillions of dollars in Jewish money, that has bought off, hook line and sinker, each and every single American congressman, senator, president, law enforcement officer, judge, media personality, television station, social media application of any influence, and streams of international commerce.

We are in the End Game now, and are now simply awaiting the fall of the guillotine on our collective necks.

It’s too late to undo or fight back now, in any way, shape or form.

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