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Whitney O’Neill Englander from Pasadena Recovery Center

One of the worst people I’ve come across worked at the Pasadena Recovery Center which is one of the worst centers. Those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse should avoid her and avoid this center at all costs. Her shady past does not help her case when she is a known thief, liar, and narcissist. She has destroyed countless lives and will continue to do so if no one stops her. Not only does she continue to use, she makes those around her feel horrible for their addictions.

Whitney is also a homewrecker. She uses her place in power to manipulate and take advantage of others. She continues to cheat on her spouse with two separate, maybe even 3 people by now. One is a woman. Maybe 2 me? She is a backstabber and pretends to advocate for the less fortunate and those addicted to drugs and alcohol while being a horrible person and addict herself. How she even has a job in this medical profession is beyond me, especially with the countless accusations against her for selling drugs to patients.

She is a very dangerous person. Stay away from her and this recovery center if you know what is good for you or a loved one.

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Akshay “Andy” Anand from KNOCK OFF Jewelry from Karats Jewelers

Akshay “Andy” Anand from KNOCK OFF Jewelry from Karats Jewelers

Karats Jewelers are fraudsters

David Chupp

David Chupp

David Chupp is an AKC breeder of many different types of dog breeds

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