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Weight Watchers, charging me for two accounts

I signed up for Weight Watchers in person at a location close by. I asked if I had all the information I would need to sign up for online. They gave me a handful of papers including my receipts. When I tried to log in, the site would not let me. I waited until the next meeting to get help. I apparently did not have the right information, and someone else was using my account. They set me up with another account, but they were still charging me for two accounts. At least three times they told me they canceled the account, but it never worked. I had to cancel both accounts.

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Women’s Information Network, Nothing Special- Ripoff

Women’s Information Network, Nothing Special- Ripoff


PrimoClassics International, Damaged Classics

PrimoClassics International, Damaged Classics

The car that I bought from Primo Classics International was advertised as fully

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