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Vickery- Young Associates, Making Matters Worse

I had already had some difficulty with criminal fraud embarging on me and my business so I was very cautious about seeking help. Vickery & Associates did a very good job of hiding all the negativity that they have had shed on their business. I sought out help from them and they screwed me over as bad as the person who got me into the position I was already in. The company overcharges and fails to deliver. It is as simple as that. At a time of desperation, I guess you will do anything to save yourself and your business and they take advantage of that.

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NorthStar Home, Not a real service

NorthStar Home, Not a real service

We signed a contract with Vision Alarm Service, otherwise known as the NorthStar

Cameron Dunlap, Dunlap Scam

Cameron Dunlap, Dunlap Scam

I attended a seminar held by Cameron Dunlap where he promoted a funding service

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