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USAA Insurance, USAA is Stealing Your Settlements

USAA is not an insurance company for those in atual need of service. They will steal as much of your settlement as they can so pay attention to your money. We had to make a claim on our car. There were no injuries, we just needed to get the bumper fixed and the tail lights.They dragged the process out for weeks. We were not provided a rental so we were without a car. It was so inconvenient. They finally got around to fixing it, but instead of it being covered, like htey said it would be, only half was covered after it was fixed. We were told that we had to pay the rest out of pocket. USAA took our money for it. We should have had a lawyer. No one with good insurance should have to worry about that!

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Wow Weddings LLC, Wow Weddings FLOP

Wow Weddings LLC, Wow Weddings FLOP

This is a poorly run company

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Comet Loans, Stole My Identity

This place will steal your identity and use it to apply to mulitple loans with

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