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USA Solar, USA Solar is a Scam

The biggest problem that I had with this solar company is their aggressive sales tactics. I was already interested in solar panels, but the way that they pushed me into at least leases the panels was a poor way to rope me into a contract with little to no benefits for me. The cost for signing up ridiculously expensive for the size I got. The panels were hardly making a difference in my energy costs. I did not discover this until the end of the year however when I got a utility bill for $1,000! They lead me to believe I would not have a bill. VERY misleading. Sneaky, dishonest salesman.

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Market Traders Institute, Taking Advantage of Beginners

Market Traders Institute, Taking Advantage of Beginners

If you are new to training definitely stay away from this company

Geoff Eldrige/ Geoff Hull

Geoff Eldrige/ Geoff Hull

I made the mistake of trusting Geoff Eldridge with Veer Lease

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