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Tophatter, Fake Products and Fake Reviews.

I signed up for Tophatter auction site and ordered at least 30 items. I started to receive the items one by one, but I was concerned. None of the items looked like the pictures that I had seen online.

The jewelry was fake and made out of cheap plastic. Nothing sterling silver about them. The electronic items were flimsy and broken The instructions that were on them were written in Chinese and did not fit my sockets.
I also ordered 2 Kylie eyeshadow kits. The kits writing was completely different than the boxes.

The shipping costs are outrageous. Obviously, everything is coming from China and you are definitely not going to get what you think you ordered. This site is simply for profit and they do not have any real supply of products. You are better off with There is no way that the reviews posted are real.

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