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Thrifty Propane, Unreliable and Careless

The WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. They deliver half empty propane tanks or not at all. Other propane tanks that we have had in the past have often been damaged and leaking, which we could not figure out for weeks and had to have a professional come out and identify.

I own a restaurant, I use to order my propane tanks from Thrifty propane for our heaters on the patio. We needed them delivered on time and often because the patio is where I make most of my money. Customers won’t sit out there without a heater on. There have been several occasions where Thrifty Propane has not delivered and left me with empty propane tanks for a week or more.
I finally got sick of giving them chances. They were a threat to my business. Take it from me.
There is no way those reviews on their website are actually from satisfied customers.

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  1. I was a previous employee, The owner Bill Maloof aka (consultant) was the owner of a previous propane company called Level Propane. He was sued and in a court of law is not allowed to deliver propane to residential houses EVER! The company is in his wifes name Angela Maloof, but don’t be fooled he runs the company. He is a very devious man and will screw over his mother given the chance. I would not deal with this company ever. You should look up all the lawsuits against the Maloofs before you decide to give them your money. They will take your money but getting fuel in winter is difficult because of many delivery issues (trucks pulled from the junkyard and used for delivery or not enough money to buy propane to fill customers tanks). If you are a current customer and have a pre-buy they have 15 business days to deliver your propane or you can call the Attorney General and they will be fined. Now the way they work around that is they will deliver 100 gallons and have you call in again to come back out which gives them another 15 days to get more propane to you. If you do not have a pre buy and place an order they have 5 business days to fill your tank or you can call the Attorney General. They can get fined up to $ 1,000 per complaint. Complaints will get their attention. If you look at the BBB complaints they have dodged many complaints this year saying that drivers had covid and they could not cover the territory that is total BS no driver for the company has had covid. Just use your common sense, read the reviews and save yourself a big headache, go somewhere else.

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