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The Barrett Group, No Real Help and A Complete Waste of Money

I contacted The Barrett Group (TBG),, in September of 2018. It was over a month before they finally engaged with me and during which time I actually got a lead on my own that became my next career position. I cannot stress enough how much their services are all show and nothing truly original or of added value. All of their advice to me is exactly what anyone and everyone else will tell you and you can get for yourself from LinkedIn for free. None of their handful of additional value added processes and access to national lists, etc. generated a single lead for me. Their professional resume writing was not impressive either, I got better and more enthusiastic response from my own version. They provided no serious advice, counsel or coaching of value with regards to my real prospects for positions, my qualifications and the limitations of my background and experience. Instead they played to my desires for a Career Change rather than providing any solid assistance in my search. Again, I cannot stress strongly enough what a complete waste of money this very expensive “service” was. It yielded nothing and I got my next position on my own from the “published” job market. They should have acknowledged they had little to no experience in my field rather than taking my money and promising what they could not deliver. I am ashamed and they should be too.

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auto renewal center

auto renewal center

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