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The Addictions Academy, Do Not Take Your Loved Ones Here

This vending company gets all the benefit from your purchase, you just end up being the advertiser for their company. I bought one for my bar in the hopes of getting people to use cabs more often and discourage drinking and driving.
First of all, I paid $15,000 for the breathalyzer after tax and all the ridiculous fees they charge. After I installed I have noticed about this device, however, is not taken seriously. Not a whole lot of my customers pay attention to it, and I cannot make it mandatory.
After one month of use, you are supposed to be able to take the money out of it for yourself. Well, that is what the company advertises, but they demand a portion of what you make. The return on this thing is not at all worth it. I am never going to make my money back on it.

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Eccentry Holidays, Vacation Scam

Eccentry Holidays, Vacation Scam

You will end up paying more for your vacation through Eccentry because they are

Family Chateux, Snobby club made to take your money

Family Chateux, Snobby club made to take your money

They really did not do anything for us

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