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Sunshine Homes and Management Inc., Selling and Renting Properties in the WORST Condition

When I was looking to rent a property when I came across a property that was managed by Sunshine home and properties. There was not someone in the house for at least 3 months. I requested to view the home, but they were not available to show me for week. The woman I spoke to was hard to communicate with and came off kind of rude, but I set up the appointment anyway because the house decently priced. When I saw the house, I was sure that I did not want to rent from Sunshine properties. They did not take care of the property, which was obvious by the look and the condition of the home. The blind were bent and broken. The woman that showed me it just kind of brushed it off. The carpet was clearly stained and dark in some areas. They had never changed it. I was surprised that they would even show a house like this. It needed paint pretty badly too. I figured they would take care of the cosmetic aspects that needed attention, but then I noticed a water spot on the ceiling where it looked like there was a leak every time it rained. When I addressed it with the woman that showed me the property she told me that it was nothing to be concerned about. SHe had no intention of reporting it to the company. I was not going to live there and have all these problems fall back on me as a resident.

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Liberty Mutual, From $200- $500

Liberty Mutual, From $200- $500

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Javitch and Block Attorneys, Unorganized Records

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