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Stone Quarry Bulldogs, Stone Quarry Bulldogs are Injected

There are millions of dogs out there that need homes, first of all. Avoid buying from a breeder at all costs, especially Stone Quarry Bulldogs. It is like going to a store that has nothing but puppies kept in cages. What do you suppose they do with the dogs they can’t sell? Just like at adoption centers they are put down. They torture the dogs and manipulate their genes by giving them hormone shots and other terrible things. The puppies are cute, but his place needs to be shut down. It is run unprofessionally run to top it off. They are breeding all these dogs out of their home. There is no way they properly care for hundreds of dogs from a living room. I do not trust their site. their Facebook is kind of sad too.

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  1. I got a puppy from them 2 years ago, she has hip dysplasia, her knees are bad, she already had surgery on one. A month ago she started having pain on her back , she has been in bed for over 3 weeks in pain, even with 16 pills a day. She doesn’t move and cries many times during the day, she is being feed by hand. She was at the ER twice, 5 appointment with the vet and specialist, one MRI , we travel far to see a neurologist .
    She has a generic disorder on the spinal cord and there is not surgery that can help her.
    The only thing we can do is pain management and if this doesn’t work , let her go.
    The cost of all this is unbelievable, but the worst is to see her suffering.
    I sent X-rays to the breeder and she did not respond after that , provably she doesn’t want me to send her the MRI .
    Please do not buy for them. Is horrible to see the puppy suffer.

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