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Space Unlimited, Disregarded and Ignored

This is the most unprofessional property management company tha tI have ever worked with. The people are rude, and lazy to start with. They are the exact kind people that no business owner wants to work with. I have relayed messages to several people there about a problem that I have been having with the air conditioning and the ventilation in our building. I have been ignored, hung up on, and disregarded. They expressed anger in my communication. A lady had the nerve to tell me, “ why don’t you fix it yourself.” Isn’t that what their business is for? The only reason they are still in business is because they run buildings that are rented out as massage parlors covering prostitution. At least that is what I have seen, and I certainly believe it.

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Flash Advance, Read the Fine Print

Flash Advance, Read the Fine Print

This is not the kind of financing and lending company that you want to get

Aspire Sales, Aspire Sales Put My Family in Danger

Aspire Sales, Aspire Sales Put My Family in Danger

Aspire did all of the electrical wiring for our new house

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