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Sono Bello Body Contour Centers — my procedure was botched

Do not fall for the gimmick Sono Bello offers! It sounds good but you will regret it. I had a phone consultation with them to get the low down and then a few weeks later I decided to meet with them in person… BOTH CONSULTS were with different people AND I was given contradicting information. I don’t know why I didn’t see that as a red flag but I went ahead and scheduled a procedure with them… 5 months later I am NOT seeing the changes that were “promised”. I was very concerned about the swelling I had too right after the procedure. A doctor wouldn’t even see me there. ONLY THEIR NURSE who was not qualified to answer my questions or help. Just avoid these people. Seriously.

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Kaufman Plastic Surgery — the worst customer service

Kaufman Plastic Surgery — the worst customer service

The staff at Kaufman and Clark Plastic Surgery is the absolute worst

American Medical Experts (AME)

American Medical Experts (AME)

They don’t listen, they don’t care, and they are not professional by

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