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Smart Business Contacts NY, Illegitimate Contacts

This company has no way to give you legitimate contacts that will actually improve your business. They claim to have a “rich data repository” that they can offer you leads from. I gave them a shot in the hope of the improvement of my business to business marketing. They gave me 10 leads right away. 7 of them were unresponsive, 2 told me they were not a business, and 1 was legitimate. I paid for millions of contacts that got me nowhere. They were tons of fake profiles and numerous industries included in the contacts that were sent to me that did not pertain to my business at all. Total hoax.

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Dr. Susan Intown Smiles, Mean Dentist

Dr. Susan Intown Smiles, Mean Dentist

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Kittyhawk Realty, Lied About My Rent

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