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Slomins Security, Useless equipment

The last thing you want to do is get into a contract with these people. You will end up overpaying for a childish security system that does not work half the time. We locked ourselves into a lengthy 2-year contract and started to have issues just one month after installation. The equipment was not cheap either. They promise it free. It is not. When we called to have someone come to look at our system, they charged us $100 for inspection and the guy told us nothing was wrong. It still was not working. We are basically paying for the equipment to just sit there now because they won’t let us out of the contract unless we pay thousands.

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Pinnacle Financial Group, PInnacle Vultures

Pinnacle Financial Group, PInnacle Vultures

I have received the same bill from Pinnacle three times, which I paid off months

Merkle Home Improvent, My Outlets Don’t Work!

Merkle Home Improvent, My Outlets Don’t Work!

We have had electrical issues ever since Merkle did a re-wiring

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