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Skywalker Construction, Skywalker Construction Sh1tty & Spammy Company

This company is sh1t. Skywalker Construction is sh1t. You would think with the name ‘Skywalker’ good boy Lucas would come and send them a cease and desist letter for using this name for a sh1tty construction firm based in Colorado, but since he has let his peons trash the last Star Wars films, I guess it is no wonder he hasn’t. Skywalker Construction is trash. They don’t come through on any of their promises. They pay their employees sh1t. They hire people out of the country to their bidding and then fuk them out of their money. Skywalker Construction tried to hire me. They tried to get me to pay THEM to go through a hiring process and learn their ways to be an assistant to their office manager… I would telecommute half the time but then once they told me I had to pay THEM to hire me, I said what? I asked them for a breakdown of the fees for their “training” to be a FUKING OFFICE MANAGER… not even a laborer… LIKE WHAT. Anyways, this company tried and spam called me over and over again once I questioned their “training” methods and said there is no way in this galaxy I would pay someone for a job… BETTER YET, they said once I paid them and did their course there is a chance they might not even hire me. LOL. This company is a joke, a scam, sh1t, fraud, criminal, scum and villainy at it’s finest. I feel awful for those who get trapped in thinking they will get a job here…

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Solomobi – Marketing Strategies, Solomobi – Marketing Strategies Don’t Work For These Creeps

Solomobi – Marketing Strategies, Solomobi – Marketing Strategies Don’t Work For These Creeps

I won’t get into detail but I was hired by Solomobi – Marketing

ShareBuilders, Inc., ShareBuilders, Inc.

ShareBuilders, Inc., ShareBuilders, Inc.

ShareBuilders, Inc

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