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Sellers Playbook, inc., Playbook To Get Your Money

They are selling classes on how to sell essentially. Only their information is irrelevant and they use Amazon as a credible front. They are in no way associated with Amazon. That is a lie. They tell you that you can make millions and are advertising business packages that cost as much as $35,000. It is all terribly misleading. THey are desperate scammers for your money, in reality. You should never use your 401k for something like this. I can guarantee that they are pocketing the cash, and you have no chance of making that back with their “education.”

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Lenders Cloud, Lenders Cloud is Careless

Lenders Cloud, Lenders Cloud is Careless

Their system is inaccurate and unreliable, yet they harrass me weekly about

Maverick United Elevator, DANGEROUS

Maverick United Elevator, DANGEROUS


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