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Salvation Army’s Denver Harbor Light Center Manager Mr. Barns

Mr. Barns the resident manager at the Harbor Lights Salvation Army is a creep. He does not have the intention to help you, just to take advantage of you during a time of weakness and suffering. Mr. Barns is the worst. He has anger issues and is a bully. He will make you feel like trash and will not listen to your needs when you are in this program here at the Salvation Army’s Denver Harbor Light Center! I fear if I reveal myself I will be the new target of his anger and disregards the rules here. I thought this was a place for refuge, for healing, a safe place to get the help we need… Not a program where we get belittled and taken advantage of by an angry man who can’t control himself.

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Zlatka L. Russinova Bulgarian Scam Artist NOT a Doctor

Zlatka L. Russinova Bulgarian Scam Artist NOT a Doctor

She is the worst scam artist and cheater that I’ve ever met!

Jake Frostick

Jake Frostick

Jake Frostick is a disgusting human

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