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Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, Un- Authorized Payments

I have never had worse customer service, their interest rates are atrocious, and the month to month payments are all over the place.I got a $1,000 loan through Rushmore. Rather than the payments being monthly like I requested, they changed the payments to bi-weekly the second month and took the money out of my account without notice. When I called customer service I was told that I would have to put in a request and it would take another week to process. After that week another payment was taken out and nothing had changed. I have called customer service at least three times since then and still nothing has changed.

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Genesis Construction, Unresponsive

Genesis Construction, Unresponsive

I inquired about a master bath remodel with Genesis

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Vegas Valley Introductions, Set Me Up With A Convict

These ladies need to do background checks on the people that use this service

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