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R&R Everclear, Lied to me about cleaning my pool

I came back from a long vacation and my pool was green! The chemicals were majorly imbalanced and they clearly had not been over to clean the pool like I had asked because there were a few storms that came through and debris was everywhere. When I called their customer service line, no one picked up until the third time I called. They claimed that they had been to the house and cleaned the pool, blatantly lying to me. I asked what the chlorine levels were last and they were telling me false numbers because I had tested it myself. I paid them for nothing.

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Jefferson Capital Systems, Rude and Misleading

Jefferson Capital Systems, Rude and Misleading

Rude and unprofessional people!

XenonPro, Broken Bulbs

XenonPro, Broken Bulbs

Received my kit late, then they come to find out, the bulbs in it were out

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