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Routhmeir Sterling Inc., Debt Collectors Violating Your Rights

Warning! Collections company up to illegal activity. Stay away! Block their calls because they will harass you. They are thieves… I had an experience with them when I was desperate for help with my debt a few years after college. I owed an enormous amount of money, and I got laid off from the company I worked with. I got a call from Routhmeir at this time, but they did not identify themselves as a debt collector. They just told me that they could help me and I could stop getting calls. I was interested so I listened to what the representative had to say. The phone call went well and he seemed to be cooperative, but I did not want to give him my information until I did research. After that, the calls came in abundance and they got more aggressive. In one phone call, I was threatened to be arrested and taken to court! I was receiving calls every hour. I did get help elsewhere, but Routhmeir is not the kind of company you want to resolve these issues with

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