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Routhmeir Sterling Inc. Asset, Debt, & Finance Management Frauds

Do not trust this company: Routhmeir Sterling Inc.

They are not in business to actually help you with your assets or debt like they say they are. They can’t even manage their own employees without chaos, lies, and bullsh*t.
I wish I did I quick google search before hiring them. At this point, I am not even sure I know what they do. They promised to help manage our debt and after months of working with them, nothing has changed. And, when I say “working with them”, I mean, emails back and forth, phone calls that are not returned, private information has been given to them and all I get is the runaround. How are they able to help me when they can’t get their own crap together?

Apparently, they are also known for spam calling people who they are trying to collect debts from. There is even a website dedicated to getting them to stop calling you! They have a plethora of negative reviews from bad customer care to raging on an 80-year-old woman trying to collect her debt. I get that debt collector are not really human, and you can’t expect them to be kind — but who does that to an old lady?

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Philip Kirk, Property Dealer & Known Fraudster Philip Kirk

Philip Kirk, Property Dealer & Known Fraudster Philip Kirk

I read a complaint about Mr

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