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Route 66 Extended Warranty, Overcharged and Undercovered

A representative lied about covering my car. I paid them $1,000 up front and was on a plan to pay $200 per month for my car on an extended warranty. It was a luxury sports car, so I wanted to be sure it was covered.

A month or so after getting the warranty, I had an issue with the clutch, but I was not worried because of the warranty I had. When I called them to have it fixed, they told me that they would not cover it! In fact they could not cover my car at all. They claimed that I was not on file. Their warranties are useless and they should have told me that at the beginning.

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  1. Route 66 warranty is a joke! I signed up for a warranty thru my bank. Had the vehicle for over a year then noticed some problems, called Route 66 and was told the issues I was having would be covered. Thought I had covered all my bases, until it was time for them to pay! The company that did the repairs called and Route 66 refused to pay until an adjuster could see the parts they were replacing and deemed them needing replacement! I was without a vehicle for a week! Then when it was determined that it was going to be covered and the manager of the repair shop called Route 66 they kept hanging up on him! They did everything they could to not pay, gave a credit card That was declined for payment, they were waiting for me to pay their $1600.00 bill. I wouldn’t do it, then the manager of the repair shop told me this was the WORST EXPERIENCE he ever had with a warranty company I knew he was RIGHT! Don’t fall for their lies and how GOOD they are, I will never buy another extended warranty for a car, NEVER!

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