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Rosland Capital, Rosland Horror Story

My wife and I had some money to invest after we sold our house, so we called Rosland Capital. We figured that they were a well- known firm so they could be trusted.
We added it to our retirement and trusted our sales representative with our IRA. He seemed unsure about our account. He did not do his job. He did not send us info about our account, he did not keep us informed, and we started to panic when we did not know what was going on with our money.

We requested a different representative. Glad that we did because he informed us what was really going on. Our account was not filed correctly, and he had diversified our portfolio into coins that we did not want at all.

The representative said he could not fix it due to company policy? he said that if he did, it would cost at least $10,000. None of that makes sense.

Working with Rosland has been a horror story.

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