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Roman Shmundyak

Roman Shmundyak | Real Name | Roman Viktorovich Nechiporuk |

Roman Shmundyak of Atlanta, Georgia’s real name is Roman Nechiporuk.

He is a sanctioned Russian individual that is living in the USA with a fake passport:

He runs online propaganda campaigns against Ukraine. He also runs other online businesses such as “” and “”

According to the US Treasury:

“LLC “EMPIRE 19-31” refers to the society for the promotion of the historical development of Russia “Tsargrad” – an organization that distributes Russian propaganda. Therefore, Nechiporuk, as the CEO of this organization, is responsible for actively supporting or implementing actions or policies that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, as well as stability and security in Ukraine.”

Sanctions Program: RUSSIA-EO14024
Name: Roman
Patryonic Name: Viktorovich
Family Name: Nechiporuk
Date of Birth = 21 February 1980

Russian spelling: Нечипорук Роман Викторович


Please see here a real copy of his Russian passport and the fake American one he uses .

His real date of birth is February, 21st 1980.

But his American passport falsely states his country of birth as Ukraine and his DOB: 05/24/1981

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