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Reliance First Capital, Raised My Rate

To start, this company bombarded me with phone calls after I inquired about their mortgage loans. I told representatives on the phone again and again that I was not still researching and deciding what I wanted to do, yet the calls persisted. When I was finally in the position to go through with the loan, they took forever to file the papers for me. I was surprised to find a bunch of fees tacked on that they did not inform me of. Several service fees without details. They also did not lock in my rate. They quoted me at 3.25%, but I was charged 5%. It was significantly higher than what I was told when I signed. They lied to me to get me to sign with them. It has been one thing after another and I wish that I had gone with a different loan company like Loan Depot. They had a better rate than 5!!!

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This is 100% a scam

Kenneth Goodrich, Greedy Kenneth Goodrich

Kenneth Goodrich, Greedy Kenneth Goodrich

You probably know this guy from the perpetual advertisements for Goettl air

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