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Red Shield Protection Plans, Red Shield Scam

Incompetent, unprofessional, and unsupportive insurance company.
We got Red Shield Coverage for our motor home after my husband and I retired. We wanted to travel the world. We had a very strict budget so we got Red Shield because all the cost seemed upfront. We had one payment a month that covered everything, in full, from the waste system to the generator. They seemed to be the best coverage until we actually had a serious problem.
The motorhome broke down on the road.
We called Red Shield and it took them 2 hours to get back to us, then another 3 hours for them to get to us. We were in city limits, so there was no reason that that should have happened. They towed the motorhome for us and straight to a shop. As it turns out it was an engine issue. We were not too concerned because according to our plan it was covered. When we got the bill, we still owed a hug part of the payment. We were on the phone trying to figure that out, for another hour. They continued to tell us that they only covered part of engine costs.
We were left with $800 of the bill to foot and we had to cancel the rest of our trip.
This company is shady about their costs and coverage. Not trustworthy whatsoever. They ruined our plans.

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