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Professional Retail Services, They Do Not Pay Their Contractors

Terrible company with unqualified contractors that work directly work for them. Other than that, they contract with people from other companies, which they take advantage of. We had to have someone come and fix our plumbing three times. The first two times must have been someone from another company that they did not pay because the third time we needed a plumber he refused to come out until he was paid. We paid the company directly so we were unaware. A different plumber came the third time, which we had to get somewhere else. Professional Retail Service was unreliable and clearly not fixing the problem.

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Grand Teton Professionals, Lost My Paperwork

Grand Teton Professionals, Lost My Paperwork

I would highly advise that anyone reading this does not use any of Grand Teton’s

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HealthGAINS, Uncertified Doctors

These are not real doctors or qualified people that should even be giving health

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