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Pixos Print, Nothing Came Out Right

I should not have hired Pixo Print to handle all of our projects until I could see how their work quality and outcome was. They made all the brochures, business cards, and postcards for our new marketing campaign. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and trusted them to follow the layout we had requested.

As you know, these things can be very costly, which is why I was so upset when they delivered their finished products to us. Not one thing went well. The brochures had the wrong logo on them and they left one of the panels completely blank. They failed to even put out contact information on them! It was the most important part.
The business cards were filled out correctly, but they were not the correct color. We asked for a specific code of color. They completely missed the mark. And as for the postcards, we had to start over with new design completely because they just did not understand the layout we needed.

I am extremely disappointed and we are now having to push back our marketing launch. It is costing my business time and money!

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Karl Bryan- Leader Global Consulting, Snooty Businessman

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