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Pivotal Payments, Taking Our Customers’ Money

HUGE Red flag! This company is dishonest and fraudulent. They are outright criminals, they steal from your family. I had problems with their credit card processing not even 5 days after signing up to use them and setting up the equipment.  Their customer service was terrible and that was when knew I was going to have a lot of trouble. For an entire day all of my processing machines were saying “Server Not Allowed.” I could not run any VISAS. I spent hours on the phone. I had to shut down because I had already turned away 10 customers. Pivotal Payments acted as if it was not charging at all. My phone rang off the hook the next day with those customers saying that were charged for the purchases that they never got because they thought the system was shut down. They thought I was stealing from them, it was Pivotal Payments!

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