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Peoria Post Acute and Rehabilitation

Don’t let this place fool you. They’re fraudsters and scammers. They bill over what they say they are doing. You won’t believe what they try to bill your insurance for. I think its fraud to be honest. All I know if that there are a ton of services that were not provided to me that my insurance was billed for and I refuse to pay them. I don’t have an explanation from Peoria Post Acute and Rehabilitation. They’ve given me the run around, once again, and now the bill is being threatened to go to collections. Good luck if you go here or stay away if you’re considering it. Not even worth the headache. I didn’t even get the help promised.

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Greenstone Rehab Facility

Greenstone Rehab Facility

Absolutely the worst rehab facility in the world

Lawyers David Black and Wayne Black Worst Attorneys

Lawyers David Black and Wayne Black Worst Attorneys

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