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Pennsylvania Men’s MedicalClinic Dr. Kevin Hornsby, Colleen Riley Didn’t deliver as promised Orlando Florida

I originally spoke to you on 3-31-2014 and explained that the PA Men’s Medical Clinic,which I visited 0n 11-14-2013 didn’t deliver on promises made to me by Cris at the clinic who signed me up for a years worth of medication with a promise that they would stand behind me and get involved with my insurance company if need be. He said that insurance would pay a good bit of the cost, or I would never have signed the contract. I’m retired and on a fixed income. The total cost of the medication was $5380.00. Cris told me I would be given 6 month interest free on a credit card account he set up with THE HELP Card. The medication I was prescribed never worked and I was never called back by the clinic for a follow up. When I called the clinic I was told Cris no longer is employed by the clinic.

The clinic (Grant) said he would issue a trouble ticket to corporate and they would contact me. This was on 3-31-2014. Colleen Rilley from the corporate risk management team contacted me on that day and explained that Cris no longer works for them and was released because of making these type promises. In fact the company never gets involved with insurance.

Colleen stated that for compensation for the false promises she would credit my account with HELP for $2500.00 and extend the interest free payment period. I have made many attempts to contact you with no return calls. On 5-23-2014 you told me the company had signed a new contract with HELP and that the credit and interest free extension should happen in the coming week. I received my new statement from HELP on 6-9-2014 and not only was there no credit, but there was an $806.00 interest charge. I called you again and left voice mail with no success.

I contacted the HC Processing Center on 6-12-2014 and was told by Carla there was no credit as of this date. She noted my account that I was disputing the charges based on your promises. She asked me to compose a letter and forward it to their Dispute Department, which I will do.

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