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Patsy Marie Walter, International Freight Scammer

was contacted by someone showing interest in an item I have for sale on an online site like Craigslist (called Mercado Libre). This person asked that we continue our conversation outside of the site right away. We communicated directly through each other’s emails. This should have alerted me.
She said that she would like to buy the item I had posted, but have it shipped internationally. She said that a shipping company would contact me, but she would take care of everything.
Sure enough, I got an email from what looked like Boyd International Freight Forwarders, with a quote for the shipping of the item.

I contacted the buyer right away because I was not supposed to be paying anything. She said I should trust her and she would pay me back via PayPal. At this point, I started to pretend that I would do so, but I checked the email from the shipping company in detail instead. It requested a written transfer to pay for the shipping. I got a response right away from [email protected]

No international company of that size uses a Gmail address.

Total scam. I blew the lady off…or whoever she was.

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