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Pathfinder Business Strategies, Not Worth The Money They Charge

This is an incredibly unprofessional company to work with and they charge an excessive amount of fees. Compared to the quality of work that they gave, it was not anywhere near acceptable. They helped us with our most recent hiring process and trained all of my employees with their team alignment program. They promised reports for both programs. They were suppose to help me decide who was best for my growing team and who I could move up to a leadership position. I let them take the reigns in the process because I still had other work to tend. They were the experts, so I figured hey could handle it.

One of my own employees told me how terrible the training was going. They were unorganized, their lessons lacked structure, and they were going over the same concepts. Noone was learning anything new, so essentially, it was a waste of time and money. I had to step in to clarify that my employees were far more experienced than the lessons they were giving. They claimed that there had been a misunderstanding. They still charged me for double the classes.

When it came to the Smart Select hiring process, I was even more aggravated. They did not do anything significant for us. We had more of a handle on things that they did. All they did was review our job descriptions and benchmarks and tell us that we should change the format. They made zero changes and did nothing to take action on their suggestions.

I would not suggest Pathfinder. They have very little to share and add very little value to your firm. Not worth the strenuous fees.

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