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Paradyme Funding Inc., Funding Fail

These people are incompetent, uncertified, and outright dishonest. I received money from them for a home purchase. They told me my interest rate was 3% and that I did not have to worry at all about the fluctuation of it. I only had to give them my information and once I sold the house they would reevaluate. Well none of that happened I got half of what they promised but I was demanded to pay them $4,000 up front, Know why? The money that they lend is coming from other investors that do even have the money to give them yet. Scam.

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Creativebug, LLC, Beware of Creativebug

Creativebug, LLC, Beware of Creativebug

I asked Creativebug, LLC to refund an unwanted yearly membership that I canceled

American Bullion, They Took Half My Money

American Bullion, They Took Half My Money

I purchased $40,000 in precious metals from American Bullion about 3 years ago

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