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Norada Real Estate Investment

These guys are all about maximizing your return at a minimal risk to you, but a large chunk to pay for their membership and assistance. My wife and I bumped into Norada Real Estate While looking for a piece of real estate to invest. It was the best source for passive income that we could find to support our retirement. Norada talked a big game, saying they had access to listings that a lot of people do not have, even new buildings that had not been put on the market. They were supposedly all-knowing. We went over their guide and they helped us look into our options. Eventually, Norada had us locked into a new condominium complex that was going up within the year. Our representative told us that they were expecting a huge return on this investment because it was in a heavily populated and popular area. It seemed like as good a chance as any to take the leap.

We trusted them, but after a few months from our initial investment, my wife and I noticed that the complex we had invested in had the construction for it put on hold. We called Norada right away. Most of our retirement fund was in the project. They told us that they would look into it. They never got back to us, but we later found out on our own that the project was discontinued due to property rights and some sort of confusion with the owner. The condo was not going to happen and it had been decided around the time we invested. We lost all of our money, and now we cannot get ahold of Norada. They totally let us down and did not do the research for us that was supposed to happen.

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Dave Lucas Aangelo

Dave Lucas Aangelo

At first, I was not interested in Dave because he lived so far away, but he

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WMC Funding, WMC Funding profits off of outrageous interest rates

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