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Nome Comfort USA, Salesmen Not Technicians

This is the exact kind of A/C company that you do not want to come to your house. There is so much competition out there, it is hard to know is going to give the best service and does not want to just make a dime off of you. Unfortunately, I chose wrong when I went with Home Comfort USA. I had a technician come and look at my unit and he was the pushiest salesman that I had ever come across. He was suggesting an entirely new unit but I knew I didn’t need one. I only had some filter issues according to my own assessment, and I had never had any serious issues with the unit. It always ran just not efficiently. I did not know how to change it myself so I had Home Comfort USA fix it for me. The tech that did the work ended up causing more problems for me. He changed the filter, but it seemed like he broke something else in the process because a day later the unit would not work at all. I had the same guy come back to look at it and the next thing I know he is telling me I need a new unit because it is not fixable. Total hoax. I would never trust them again and I do not recommend.

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