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Next Era Renovations LLC, They Damaged My Household Items

This is not a company that I will ever do business with again. In fact, I would recommend you do not higher them in the first place. They have no consideration for their customers and their schedules. The project manager was aloof. He was only on site to get the paycheck, not oversee the work because it came out terrible. Several of my own household items were damaged in the process. They will not pay for the damage either.

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  1. This “company” consists of one nefarious individual and whatever crackheads he can pick up at the HD parking lot. This is not a reputable brick and mortar business, it is one guy operating from a cell phone.
    You will not get quality work and they have been known to not show up at all if you have paid a deposit.
    I recommend that you do not engage in any way with NextEra Renovations LLC, the roofing, windows, or any other spin off “division” associated with NextEra Renovations LLC.

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