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New York Kitchen and Bath, NYKB Will quote you based on the way you look

I had a big job that I was looking for a good contractor to take on: floors, tile, kitchen, bath, and basically the entire makeup of our home.
New York Kitchen and Bath was my go to for a jo on such a large scale.
I was under the impression that they were one of the best contractors to go to, but I was really wrong.

The people at their main location are really unprofessional and misleading. I had a hard time getting help as it was when I went in, the rest is a horror story from there.
I had a hard time getting someone to help me first of all. We started with the flooring. A gentleman spoke to me about three different options. He priced me with several different quotes. He kept saying that it depended on the square footage. All I could think was, obviously. I made a selection anyways and told them that my husband would be in to see what I wanted. I wrote down the number that he gave me for the cost.

When my husband went in, he gave my husband a completely different number that was a lot lower. The actual price. The guy was just trying to overcharge me because I was a woman.

I called him out on it, and we went with a different company. They are just out to get your money.

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  1. DO NOT USE NYKB. Signed contract for four bathroom remodels, but never used for completion. NYKB would not give our $60k deposit back, when we canceled before any construction took place – canceled because of breach of contract on their part, manipulative tactics and trying to charge for fixtures 20-40% over retail prices plus trying to charge a $3,000 shipping fee from their warehouse in NYC to my apt in NYC, which I fought to get removed – we have had to hire lawyers to try and get our money back even though no construction had been performed or materials have been ordered by them.

    NYKB also, confronted us with change orders for $30,000, presented incomplete and faulty plans, with some bathrooms without plans. We later found out that the plans had inaccurate measurements because NYKB took the measurements with a metal measuring tape, instead of with a more accurate laser measuring tape used by our recently hired design team, etc.

    NYKB has a whole scheme going from the minute you sign their contract to charge you more and more money based upon dishonesty. They trap you into paying more and more money with up-charges and insane hidden charges, causing the project to cost way more than they initially quoted.

    You have to carefully watch and argue every scheme that NYKB throws at you even before construction starts – My husband and I were afraid to have them do any construction work – hence we canceled the contract before it started – because we figured out, in advance, what their dishonest “charge-us-more-money-scheme” was all about.

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