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New Sun Energies, Share Your Private Financial Information

Regardless of what happens, they will keep your deposits and take your information and use it to get financing with other companies. I found out that this company requested loans from different financing companies after I had put a deposit down and applied. Everything should have been covered. I had done the paperwork and they had sent me verification. Months later, two financing companies have contacted me about a loan. I did not know what they were talking about. They had said that I had applied for a personal loan. It took me time to put two and two together, but it was New Sun Energies. They used the information to get a loan and keep the money. It looked like I would be stuck paying three different loan payments. It was a tangle of a mess. Bottom line they are an unethical company. Do not give them your information. They make all of their money fraudulently.

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Philip Lechter, Hoax Giveaway

Philip Lechter, Hoax Giveaway

I attended a Tectalk event and listened to Phil Lechter’s lecture

Jadweus Online, Unethical Sales Company

Jadweus Online, Unethical Sales Company

This site is just a scam

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