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NelNet, Took Care of Nothing for Me

Awful! Do not work with them on student loan consolidation. I applied and they lied to me and told me that I qualified to have my student loans discharged. They said they were going to take care of it for me I just had to sign some papers and pay a fee. They told to me to refer to their website for any questions, and to wait for a letter of confirmation. The only thing I got in the mail was a bill. They did not do anything about it.

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SureMed, Horrible Coverage

SureMed, Horrible Coverage

I paid a $500 premium for two years with no claims

Terry Moving & Storage is a Complete Rip Off! SCAAAMMMM

Terry Moving & Storage is a Complete Rip Off! SCAAAMMMM

I thought reading reviews that were left online for this company would make our

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