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National Vehicle Protection Services, Fake Advertising

These services are not meant to protect your vehicle. These agents are liars and scammers. They sent me a fake card in the mail saying that my factory warranty was expiring and I needed to get coverage immediately. It was kind of a threatening letter. I was thrown back by it. I called immediately and they signed me up for something that I did not necessarily approve of. They made it sound like they worked for the car company. They did not. It was all lies to get my money up front and I fell for it. They did not cover anything.

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  1. Hello. We were sorry to hear you had anything but a positive experience with NVPS. We would love the opportunity to clear this matter up if you would be willing. I would like to explain exactly what it is we do. NVPS partners with hundreds of dealerships; some with only 2 rooftops and others that are the largest in the nation. I would assume if we spoke, you had a policy purchased at one of our dealership partners that we were attempting to continue the coverage with the dealership. I will look into this directly if you would like. Feel free to email Mark at [email protected] or call 8775179966. Thank you for your time and we appreciate the opportunity to possibly change your mind about NVPS. Thank you, again. Mark

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