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National Collectors Mint, Forged My Signature, Took $3,000

I have been an avid coin collector and investor for years. I had never heard of national collectors mint before which is probably why it was so easy for them to rip me off.
From the moment that I spoke with a representative, I was a little skeptical about buying coins from them. I had to teach him about a few things about coins, but I knew that I was a lot more versed in coin knowledge than most.

I told the gentleman that I would think about a couple of things before I solidified my order. He was pushy and insistent that I act now or the market could change. I had to tell him no about three times.

The next day I had a $3,000 charge on my account that I did not authorize from them. I called Collector’s Mint and insisted on speaking with a manager. He told me that I had consent and a signature and I could not get my money back.
I could not believe it. The representative had forged my signature. There was nothing I could to about it.

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