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Nate Hill, Nathaniel Elliott Hill, Nathaniel Elliott Hill/Nate Hill Uses Religion as a SHIELD & IS A LIAR

I don’t even know where to begin with this dude. He’s a scam artist. A fraud. A liar. He’s a preacher from Upward Christian Fellowship… a HYPOCRITE and did I mention FRAUD???? His action has caused many people I know to make bad choices out of the name of the church. He is a sexual deviant and you can find him on the corner of 7th street begging for money and drugs. He listens to people vent about their sins and turns them against them and tries to get “favors” in the name of the lord instead.

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Terry Moving & Storage is a Complete Rip Off! SCAAAMMMM

Terry Moving & Storage is a Complete Rip Off! SCAAAMMMM

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