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My Business Venture, Lazy Scam With A Cover Up

My Business Venture took full advantage of me as a start-up entrepreneur. I looked into MBV because I needed a website built quickly and I needed it to be catered too so that could focus on the other aesthetics of my business of the growth. I paid a lot of money up front and then I had to pay an additional near $200 a month for them to take care of the site. I was expecting reports, follow-up, and consistent communication from them but I did not get any of that. They kept me in the dark. I was not sure what was going on.

I trust them, but after about a month I grew very concerned with the progression of my website. I saw it for the first time and it was awful. It looked unprofessional and poorly put together. I asked for some changes to be made and it just was not being put into action. They did not listen to my desire at all. On top of that, they had control over my social media. Nothing had been posted for me. They are a lazy company that has nothing new or special to offer. I could have done everything that they do for far less than they charge and done a much better job.

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