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Mott Towing and Hauling, 4 Hours to Tow and $500 Later

I was not very happy with the way that Mott Towing and Hauling treated me. I called them one late night because my car broke down and they were the only towing company I knew of around that was open 24 hours. The receptionist put me on hold for 20 minutes. She told me she was looking for someone else’s paperwork? When we finally told her our situation she said it would be no more than 30 minutes for a tow truck to get to us and that it would be $120. She failed to mention that we would also have to pay for every mile.
She gave us the wrong estimate on time too. The tow truck took two hours!!! We called her three times during this time period and she would not answer. when the tow truck finally came. The tow truck guy would not give us a ride. We had to find our own ride. By the time we got back to the towing place. It had been four hours. To top the night off we were stuck with a $500 bill.

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Effective Immediately PR, Avoid At All Costs

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