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M&M Used Cars, M&M Used Cars a SCAM

M&M Used Cars sold me a used car that was unsafe, did not have a title and fell apart within the first week. The owner of the place sells the cars himself. I did not see anyone else there. He talked a big game. We negotiated on a price for a car that I found to be in decent shape. He gave me the price I wanted and I drove off the lot that day.
When I had a problem with the car, I called about it but he told me that there was nothing he could do. He does not take back purchases, they do not offer repairs, and he does not sell warranties. I had to get rid of the car. He needs to be shut down, someone could get hurt.

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Hales Global Group, Bad Consulting

Hales Global Group, Bad Consulting

This is the kind of business consulting and advice that you want to avoid

Jerry Alexander Huzar

Jerry Alexander Huzar

This guy has bad intentions

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